Eastern CAfe

510 Maynard Ave South, Seattle 98104 | facebook.com/EasternCafe | @EasternCafe


A mellow, high-ceilinged hangout in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District with lots of seating, friendly regulars, and a popular happy hour from 4p – 7p. The menu includes coffee, loose leaf teas, beer, wine, cocktails, gelato, sandwiches, crepes, pastries and more!


www.kalsada.com | hello@kalsada.com | @KalsadaCoffee

Kalsada is a global team connected by a passion for high-quality coffee and a belief in giving producers a fair price for their hard work. They partner with farmers to help them reach the highest potential for their coffee. Their unique approach moves beyond fair trade and organic labels and values integrity and community above all. 

Vital tea leaf Seattle

651 South Jackson Street | www.vtlseattle.com | facebook.com/VTLSEATTLE


Vital Tea Leaf specializes in Chinese loose leaf teas and accessories. Free tea tastings are offered everyday at our shops. Come and explore a wide range of teas including traditional white, green, Oolong, black, Puerth, and flower teas.